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A VPN connection can be configured in the session properties, in the VPN tab. The connection can be established automatically, manually or when a particular condition is met.


Although you can define your VPN details inside your session, it is a best practice to link it to an already existing VPN session. Please refer to Link To Existing Session for more information.


General tab



General tab


Each VPN type has its own set of properties to configure and you must know them in order to properly configure them.







No VPN will be executed when the session is launched.

Always connect

Opens the VPN each time the session is launched.


The VPN is configured, but it must be opened manually from the session context menu or the dashboard.

Connect if unable to ping/scan

The application will try to ping the host or a configured address. If unable to reach the host, the VPN will be opened before launching the session.


Will connect using VPN configured in the parent entry.

Ask for confirmation

Ask for a confirmation before opening the VPN.

Connect if network adapter not found

Will connect using VPN if the network adapter is not found.

Prompt if unable to ping/scan

If unable to ping the server then prompt to open the VPN.




These options are available if you have chosen Always connect or Connect if unable to ping in the VPN Opening mode.




On session close

Close the VPN as soon as it detects that the session is closed. However, some session types closes events cannot be detected, and as such the VPN must be closed manually.

Manually later

The VPN must be closed manually from either the session context menu or the dashboard.

Confirm disconnect

The application will ask for a confirmation before closing the VPN when it detects that the current session is terminated.


VPN Group


When multiple entries are configured to use the same VPN group, the VPN connection will stay active until the last session disconnects. VPN Groups are defined inside each entries.


The VPN Close mode needs to be set to On session close to use this feature.


The VPN group name needs to be exactly the same to ensure that Remote Desktop Manager for Mac increments the usage counter.




Select which type of VPN that you want to configure inside your session. At the moment you can select between Apple VPN, Sonic VPN and also Custom.







The VPN will use the credentials setup in the VPN tab.

Credential repository

Allows you to set multiple sessions to use a specific set of credentials that are in your credential repository.

My personal credentials

A single credential entry stored in your private area of the database.


Will not be using any credentials.


Settings tab


This feature is not currently supported in Mac.


Advanced tab


This feature is not currently supported in Mac.