Web Browser (http/https)




This entry is used to define and configure a 'Web Browser (http/https)' session. It allows you to open a browser, either external, undocked or embedded, to a site of your choice. More importantly, it can perform automatic login of most web sites.


Supported features


Auto Login

Built in

Copy Password

Credential Repository

Embedded Mode

External Mode

Show Opened Session

Support Logging

Support Reconnect


The Web Browser that are presently supported in external mode by Remote Desktop Manager for Mac are:



Google Chrome

Apple Safari




Web Browser

Web Browser




The display setting affects the content of the tabs because it changes the manner in which the browser is launched.





The browser window is embedded in Remote Desktop Manager for Mac. Content is displayed in a tab like an embedded session would be. Only one browser can be embedded in this manner, namely Apple Safari.


Launches the browser as you would do normally meaning the browser application is launched. Four browsers can be used in external mode:Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. The Default web browser option means that the computer default browser will be used.


Open the browser in an external window. A new window will be created to contain the tabbed session and will allow you to move it anywhere else (i.e. on another screen).