SSH Private Keys



The private key settings apply to Built-in SSH and Built-in SSH Shell. They allow you to provide a key file instead of a password for SSH connections.




SSH - Private Key

SSH - Private Key




Private Key Type

Select between:

No private key: No private key will be sent.

File: Allows you to select a key file to submit as credentials.

Data: Allows you to specify the textual data of the key. This results in the key being stored within the entry itself and eases distribution.

Repository: Allows you to specify a repository for the private key.

My personal private key: With a Personal Private Key configure in your Account Settings, when a Private key is required, you can select My Personal Private Key in the drop down menu to use this key instead of typing your private key every time.

Private Vault: Allows you to select a key file in your Private Vault.


Indicate the repository to use for private key. Available when repository private key type is selected.


Indicate a passphrase to use.

Prompt for passphrase

Always prompt for passphrase when connecting to SSH or SSH Shell.


Name of the file containing the key. You can use environment variables as in the screen capture above.

Private key

Indicate the private key.