Apple Remote Desktop



Apple Remote Desktop is a remote connection protocol that allows you to remotely control or monitor macOS devices.



This entry is used to define and configure an Apple Remote Desktop session.


macOS Remote Management

Embedded Mode

Undocked Mode


Credential Repository

Show Opened Session

Support Logging






Apple Remote Desktop - General tab

Apple Remote Desktop - General tab





Enter the host name or IP address of the device.


Provides the list of computers discovered on your network. This can take a few moments to generate.


Enter the port to access the remote computer. Set the port to 0 to use the default port.


Enter the username to connect to the remote computer.


Enter the password to connect to the remote computer.

View clip10577 / Hide clip10439 Password

Click on the view icon to view your password.

Click on the hide icon to hide your password.

Password Generator clip10578

Click on the icon to display the Password Generator.




Apple Remote Desktop - Settings tab

Apple Remote Desktop - Settings tab





Scale the remote display to fit the window.


Select the screen where you want to display the remote connection. Select between:

Default: Prompt you every time to select which screen if more than one screen is use.

Primary: Display the primary screen.

Custom: Lets you choose which screen to display.

Prompt: Prompts at opening to select the remote display if there is more than one.

View only (input ignored)

Connect on the remote computer in view only mode. The keyboard and mouse will not be available, there is no control of the remote connection.

Request shared session

The screen sharing user will be prompted with a request to share his session.

Disable clipboard transfer

Disable the clipboard sharing.

Authentication mode

Select the default authentication mode for new connections. Select between:


ARD ask observe

ARD ask control




Apple Remote Desktop - Advanced tab

Apple Remote Desktop - Advanced tab




Mouse cursor

Select the way the mouse cursor is handled. Select between:

Track remote cursor locally

Let remote server deal with mouse cursor

Don't show remote cursor

Emulate 3 buttons (with 2-button click)

Emulate the 3 mouse button action when clicking on both button 1 and button 2 simultaneously.

Swap mouse buttons 2 and 3

Switch your mouse buttons 2 and 3.

Preferred encoding

Change the encoding to use less bandwidth. Here is a list from less bandwidth use to the most use of bandwidth:

Zlib 16 gray (black and white)

Zlib halftone (black and white)

Zlib thousands (in color)

Zlib (you can choose your custom compression level)

Defautl (colour)

Custom compression level

Option available only when choosing the Preferred encoding Zlib.

JPEG compression level

For information value only.


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