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ERROR SILENT: Failed to connect to the host (131084)


Error 131084

Error 131084


Usually, this error occurred because of a failure in the pre-authentication "handshake". Make sure to verify the following:


Validate that you have entered the appropriate username, password and domain to establish the connection or select the appropriate Credential Entry

Validate that no User Specific Settings or Local Machine Specific Settings has been enabled by mistake or with the wrong credential

If you are using a different username format to connect, select the appropriate one to use in the Advanced - Username Format field

Enable/Disable the Network Level Authentication (NLA) option in the Connection tab of the RDP session

Enable/Disable the Transport Layer Security (TLS) option in the Connection tab of the RDP session


Cannot copy file or image from local computer to remote session


The copy of files between a Mac and a Windows remote session is not supported. Only text can be transfer via copy/paste.


If you want to transfer a file or an image on a remote computer, you would need to enable the redirection of your hard drive or a folder. In the Local Resources tab, enable Hard drives and select if you want to redirect all disk drives, the home folder or a specific folder. To specify a folder, click on the "+" button in the Folders section