Google Chrome




This entry is used to define and configure a 'Web Browser (http/https)' session with Google Chrome. It allows you to open a Google Chrome browser, either external or embedded, to a site of your choice. More importantly, it can perform automatic login of most web sites.






Google Chrome - General tab

Google Chrome - General tab




Web browser URL

URL of the website to open.

Assign Favicon to session

Helper utility to extract the favicon from the web site and assign it to the session. This helps you recognizing the proper entry in a large list.

Web browser application

Allows you to choose you preferred internet browser. You can select between:

Apple Safari


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer (This feature is not supported in Mac)

Default: This setting means that the computer default browser will be used.

Enable web browser extension link

This is used in conjunction with the web browser extensions. Please consult Auto Login topic for more information.




Please see Auto Login for more information.