Devolutions Proxy




This entry is used to define and configure a Devolutions Proxy session.


The Devolutions Proxy entry allows you to access many Windows management features such as the event viewer, processes and services with macOS, iOS and Android devices.


Once the Devolutions Proxy has been installed on a server (consult the Devolutions Proxy Console topic for more information on the configuration), this session can be used to get information from that proxy server like getting access to Remote Tools. For more information on how to get the remote tools working in Remote Desktop Manager for Mac consult How to Enable RDP Remote Tools.




Devolutions Proxy

Devolutions Proxy




Server name

Enter the hostname or IP address of the device on which the Devolutions Proxy is installed.


Provides the list of computers discovered on your network. This can take a few moments to generate.


Enter the appropriate port to connect on the Devolutions Proxy server.

Test Connection

Test the connection between the computer and the Devolutions Proxy server.