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Refactoring Template



The Refactoring - Template is used to rapidly apply multiple changes.


Refactoring - Template section

Refactoring - Template section






Apply is useful when making massive changes from a template, while offering to preserve a few of the existing field values. Whereas the batch update allows you to perform discrete changes, this is more of a bulk change tool.


Entry Conversion with Template

Entry Conversion with Template





Preserves the host name.


Preserves the credentials as defined in the General tab and in the Options group of the Remote Tools tab.


Preserves all of the information on the More tab.

Custom Image

Preserves the custom images in the tree view.


Preserves all of the information on the VPN tab.


Preserves all of the information on the Information tab.


Preserves the Group/Folder.

Add template sub connections

Add the template to the current sub connections.

Clear current sub connections

Clear the current sub connections under the entry.


Change type


Change Type allows you to change the entry type, for example you could change multiple SSH Shell entries to PUTTY entries in one easy step. For most conversions you will only have to select the destination type. If you select Putty or FTP as your Connection type you will have to choose the sub-type using the Details drop-down menu.


Change type - entry conversion type

Change type - entry conversion type