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User Interface


Use File - Preferences - User Interface to configure options related to the user interface.


Preferences - User Interface

Preferences - User Interface

Context Menu



Include Properties Menu

Display the Properties menu in the context menu when a session is selected.

Use legacy edit context menu

Use the Legacy theme edit context menu (old Remote Desktop Manager interface).

User Interface



User Interface

Choose between the Classic and the Ribbon User Interface.

Hide footer

When using the Ribbon User Interface select this option to hide your footer.


Select Remote Desktop Manager for Mac default application language.

Navigation toggle location

Specify the default location of the toolbar:

Toolbar (right)

Toolbar (left)

Navigation tab location

Specify the default location of the Navigation tab between:

Navigation Pane (top)

Navigation Pane (bottom)

Data Source location

Specify the location of the data source on your screen between:

Navigation Pane (top)

Navigation Pane (bottom)

Status bar


Show the tab bar on undocked windows

Display the tab bar when the session is undocked.

Allow tabs to be rearranged

Allow tabs to be moved from one position to another in the tab bar.

Allow tabs to leave the tab bar

Tabs can be move out of the tab bar.




Auto Focus Dashboard

When option is activated if an active entry is selected in the tree view the corresponding dashboard is displayed and focus is immediately set on it.

Use classic dashboard overview

The classic dashboard will be displayed instead of the new dashboard with larger buttons.

Menu Bar



Show icon in menu bar

Shows the icon in the menu bar.

Include entry list menus

Includes the entries in the list menu.

Include opened entry menus

Includes a sub-menu for opened sessions.

Include Show/Hide menu

Includes a menu to show and hide certain options.

Include "Maximize" menu

Includes a menu to maximize the application window to take the full area of the screen.

Include data source menus (only if more than one)

Includes a sub-menu for the data sources. This requires more than one data source to function.

Include "Quick Connect" menu

Includes a menu to perform a Quick Connect to a host.

Include most recently used menu

Includes a menu that contain the Most Recently Used entries.

Include "Play list" menu

The Play List will appear in the menu.

Only show favorites entries in icon menu

Only the Favorite Entries will appear in the menu.

Show credentials in icon menu

Indicate if the credentials are listed in the menu.

Tree View



Shortcut overlay

Determine on which items the shortcut icon is visible. Choose between:



All except original

Disable entry drag-and-drop

This setting disables moving entries with drag-and-drop. Use this option to avoid any unwanted session create by drag and drop by mistake.

Merge credential list with sessions

Credentials will appear within the list of Sessions instead of in their own root.

Merge session tool list with sessions

Session tool list will appear within the list of Sessions instead of in their own root.