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Use Remote Desktop Manager - Preferences - Advanced to modify the advanced settings of Remote Desktop Manager for Mac.


Preferences - Advanced

Preferences - Advanced



Debug level

Set the level of debugging information that Remote Desktop Manager for Mac will capture. This should only be modified upon request from a Devolutions support technician and could slow down your system.

Auto close embedded tab on disconnect

When a session is disconnected, the embedded tab will automatically close.

Disable logoff confirmation message

When pressing the logoff button In a embedded RDP session, Remote Desktop Manager, will disconnect the session without the logoff confirmation message.

Use Secret Server Legacy Interface

Enable if you wish to use the Secret Server Legacy Interface (meaning the way it used to look as oppose to it's current look).

Confirm on drag and drop move

Every time executing a drag and drop a confirmation window will be prompted to confirm the move.

Disable AppleScript

AppleScript is enabled by default, if you wish you can disable it here.

Enable Action Queue

The Enable Action Queue is a default option. If you are experiencing performance issues with Remote Desktop Manager for Mac our Support team might ask you to disable the Action Queue but we wouldn't recommend doing so without a request from one of our Support team member.

Disable custom images

Disable the loading of any custom images in the tree view. Too many custom images could dramatically increase the size of the data source and increase the load time at the same time.