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Private Vault Search


The Private Vault Search allows to link a private vault credential entry to a session by providing the name of the credential entry. Once the credential is found it will automatically be used to open your remote session.


1. Create a credential entry in the Private Vault.

Private Vault

Private Vault

2. Set the Global Availability property of the private vault credentials to Available.

Global Availability

Global Availability




Make the credential entry available for private vault search


Use the setting defined in File - Options - Types - Credentials - Global Availability


Ignore the credential entry when using the private vault search

3. In the remote session, set the Credentials property to Private vault search and enter the exact name of the private vault credential. The search is not case sensitive, if more than one entry has the same name or if no entry matches the searched name, you will be prompted with a list of all available private vault credentials. Variables are supported as well.

RDP Session - Private Vault Search

RDP Session - Private Vault Search

4. Open the session as you would normally proceed. Once the credential is found it will automatically be used to open the remote session.


The private vault is linked to the database user. Another user will never be able to see your private vault credentials even when the Global Availability is set to Available.