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Opened Sessions


The Opened Sessions shows currently running sessions by type for local machine only. You can focus and bring to front/close any opened session by selecting it from the list. All of the embedded sessions are listed and the external sessions will appear if Remote Desktop Manager for Mac is able to discover the specific type of session.

Local Sessions


Local opened session view


Remote Desktop Manager for Mac tries to detect opened sessions even if they weren't launched from the application. It uses the name of the process to accomplish this task.

VPN sessions will not appear in the list.

Global Opened Sessions

With the SQL Server and Remote Desktop Manager for Mac data source you can monitor currently running sessions if they have been opened within Remote Desktop Manager for Mac.


Global opened session view

For many reasons beyond our control, it's possible for a session to be terminated without Remote Desktop Manager for Mac knowing that this has taken place. This can happen, for example, if Remote Desktop Manager for Mac isn't running when another application ends. As a result any terminated session will remain listed in the log. You may manually mark it as closed via the contextual menu.

To review a detailed log, double click on a session entry.