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Registration - Enterprise Edition



Remote Desktop Manager for Mac can be registered by manually providing a license serial or with a license serial stored in a data source.



It is possible to request a trial to try Remote Desktop Manager for 30 days. If you decide not to register the application with an Enterprise Edition license serial at the end of the 30 days period, your data will not be altered or erased, and you will have full access to it once you provide a license serial.


Manual Registration


To register your Remote Desktop Manager - Enterprise Edition, go in Help - Register Product.




License serials are delivered by email. Locate the email containing the Remote Desktop Manager for Mac license serial.


Devolutions License Serial Email

Devolutions License Serial Email


Go to Help - Register Product. Enter the username, email and serial number, then click on OK.


Register Enterprise Edition

Register Enterprise Edition


























Registration from the Data Source


When the license serial is stored in the Data Source Settings of an Advanced Data Source, there is no need to register Remote Desktop Manager as the license serial is retrieved from the data source settings. When launching the application for the first time, add the data source containing the serial and the product will be automatically registered.


For Administrators


To add a license serial, navigate to Administration - Data Source Settings.




In the Data Source Settings - Serial side menu, enter the license serial and click on OK.


Data Source Settings - Serial

Data Source Settings - Serial


For Users


Once the license serial is stored in the data source, launch the new installation of Remote Desktop Manager and click Cancel when prompted for a license serial.


Register Product - Click Cancel

Register Product - Click Cancel



When no serial is found, the application indicates No Enterprise license found in the Navigation Pane. Click on the wheel next to your Data Source in the Navigation pane and add the data source containing the license serial. The application is now registered and the data source connected.