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Establishing a Connection



There are two possible modes for establishing a connection:


From a configured connection in the connection list

Using the quick connect feature. Learn more about quick connect here.


Depending on the mode, Remote Desktop Manager can use a completely different application or library. For example, the external mode for Remote Desktop will use the Microsoft Remote Desktop's client (mstsc.exe), and the embedded mode will use the ActiveX.


Configured Connection


You may open a Connection in different ways:


by double clicking it in the sessions list

by pressing enter while the entry is focused

by using the context menu (right-click).

by using the commands in the ribbon.

by using the commands in the dashboard.


All entry types have a default action associated with them, this action is executed when you use any means described above. The default action is often "Open", but you can modify it for certain entry types.


Via the menus, you may specify different connection options, such as:


Full screen

Embedded/External Display Mode

Console or admin mode with the RDP protocol

Force prompt for credentials

Open with or without the configured VPN

Open from a template