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The Devolutions Platform


Our platform offers multiple products to help in managing all of aspects of an IT infrastructure.

The flagship product is Remote Desktop Manager, the strongest edition surely being for the Windows operating system.




Remote Desktop Manager

Application to manage remote access technologies, passwords, documents and shared information.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Remote Desktop Manager Agent

Tool used to run commands on remote systems. It listens for commands from a master Remote Desktop Manager. It resolves a lot of issues brought on by remote management, in particular removing the need to use Microsoft's WinRM and managing lists of TrustedHosts.


Remote Desktop Manager Jump

Feature that uses the Remote Desktop Manager Agent to launch any of our supported technologies on a remote Windows Host. It transforms it in what is called alternatively a Jump Server, or Bastion Server, or Service Host.


Devolutions Server

Enterprise Grade storage system for creating a centralized database for your team. Integrates with AD and is installed on-premises.


Devolutions Proxy

Tool that allows our non-windows client applications to trigger remote execution of commands on Windows hosts through the proxy.


Password Vault Manager

Tool to manage passwords, documents and shared information. Note that ALL of the feature of Password Vault Manager are included in Remote Desktop Manager. You do not need to use both products except for specific cases where non-IT personnel is involved.

Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Devolutions Web Login

Web browser extension technology that interacts with our Remote Desktop Manager and Password Vault Manager. Once properly installed in your browser, the Devolutions Web Login will help you keep track of your passwords and automatically log you in on every website.

Windows, macOS