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Data Source Settings General


In the General side menu, you will be able to manage different right access specific to the data source.

Data Source Settings - General

Data Source Settings - General




Allow user specific setttings

Enables the use of user specific settings. See User Specific Settings for more information.

Allow local machine specific settings

Enables the use of local machine specific settings.

Disable private vault

Disable the usage of the Private Vault for all users of the data source.

Disable entry drag-and-drop

Entry group modification using the drag and drop will be disabled. Use this setting to avoid accidental drag and drop.

Disable stack trace

Disable the stack trace details when an error appears during the execution of the application.

Include private vault logs

Include the logs for the Private Vault for all users of the data source.




Offline mode

Set the global data source support for Offline Mode. Useful when using a VPN connection that makes using local network impossible.


Number of days that the local copy will be considered valid for the offline cache. You should go online prior to the end of that period to re-validate the data.




Lock application when minimized

Automatically lock the application when minimized in the taskbar for every user of the data source.

Lock on idle

Automatically lock the application when it is not used after a determined number of minutes.