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Data Sources


The data source is at the heart of Remote Desktop Manager for Mac, it is the container that holds all of your entries.


The data source can be a file or a database and you use multiple data sources at the time, as seen below. They need to be configured on all workstations.

Data Sources

Data Sources

Create a new Data Source

Please consult our Create a new data source topic for more information.

Multiple Data Sources

You can configure multiple data sources within the application. These data sources can be of mixed types but there is only one active at a time. It is possible to switch from one data source to another via the data source combo box.

Choose your current data source

Choose your current data source

Open Data Source at Startup

You may assign a data source to open automatically when Remote Desktop Manager for Mac starts.






Use default data source

Set the data source that you always want to open at start up.

Last used data source

Open with the last used data source.

Prompt for data source

A message box will open on startup for the data source selection.


Data Source Settings

The Advanced Data Sources can contain specific  settings or global policies. Those settings are saved directly in the database, see Data Source Settings topic for more information.