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Secret Server




This entry is used to define and configure a 'Secret Server' credential entry.



Integration with Secret Server requires its Web Services feature to be enabled. Please refer to the Secret Server documentation for details.




Secret Server - General

Secret Server - General






Service URL

The URL of the Secret Server web services endpoint. Please see note below.


Required by Secret Server when using the online edition.


Required when Secret Server is configured for domain authentication.

Use "My Account Settings"

Use the username configure in My Account Settings to connect.

User name

Enter the User name for your Secret Server account, you will be prompted for the password when it is required.

Use RADIUS password

Use your RADIUS password to connect to your Secret Server account.


Credential Selection


Secret Server - Credential Selection 

Secret Server - Credential Selection 




Standard Method

Allows you to select a secret from Secret Server that will be obtained dynamically upon usage.


Clicking on the ellipsis button will display a list of secrets that you have access to. This control displays the name of the template for the selected secret.


Clicking on the ellipsis button will display a list of secrets that you have access to. This control displays the name of the selected secret.

Test Settings

Allows you to test if the selected secret is accessible with your credentials

By secret name method

Allows you to select the secret to use by using its name.

Secret name

Partial or full name of the secret to use. Variables can be used, which means you could set up a naming structure for your secrets that would match the structure you used for your sessions.

Always prompt with list

Will prompt you with the secret list upon every use.




As can be seen in the settings screen there is no field to hold the password to Secret Server. When it's required to connect to Secret Server the following dialog will appear to prompt you for the credentials.



Database Opening



The password is cached in memory for the current session only.




Secret Server Service URL



Secret server supports Windows Authentication depending on the version being used and the web server that hosts the application. The Service URL in that case would use the following form: <Secret Server URL>/winauthwebservices/sswinauthwebservice.asmx, please refer to the documentation of your edition of Secret Server to see if it's supported and for how to enable it. As soon as we detect that the endpoint being used is for Windows Authentication, it will be used seamlessly


Here is a procedure to obtain the proper service URL


1.Log on the Secret Server web site of your local installation

2.Go in the administration - Configuration section

3.Locate the View Webservices hyperlink

4.Right-click and copy the hyperlink

5.Paste the value in the Service URL field


Secret Server - General Configuration

Secret Server - General Configuration




Variables are supported in the user name field. If the names are similar across your domain and Secret Server you could do one of the following:


%username%@%userdomain%, this uses windows environment variables that hold your identity, mix of environment and plain text