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The following recommendations are provided for new and experienced users alike. Remote Desktop Manager for Mac has a lot of flexibility and sometimes were faced with so many choices that we aren't sure of the proper decision to make or its impacts. Read below to find out what our own AND the community's experience has shown is the preferred way for operating Remote Desktop Manager for Mac in various scenarios.


Most of these recommendations apply to the Enterprise Edition because the range of options is so much greater then in the Standard Edition.




Basic recommendations


Data sources


An Advanced Data Source is best for the capabilities that it allows (i.e. logging, attachments). For mobile workers they can even allow Offline mode.


Use multiple data sources if you need to separate a client's session from you own or if you have different security requirements for a subset of sessions.


Reusable entries


Credential entries and Macros can be used by multiple sessions. Define them once and reuse them rather then entering the details in all the sessions.


Organize your entries


The Group/Folder entry type exists to create a structure much like folders. Multiple sub-types exist to further refine the organization of your entries. See Group/Folder for more details.